3 Step Divorce

3 Step Divorce
Ending your marriage will affect your entire life forever. If you have a child or children, life would be more miserable. Single parenting is difficult to bear especially if you are not financially capable of raising your child alone or you are emotionally incapable. The importance of family should still reign in the hearts of a couple planning to divorce. Before your relationship ends, try to save it through this 3 step divorce prevention.
Making up is still not too late for a couple who have loved each other so much before they arrived at the critical decision where they decided to divorce. Love can never fade away, it is only covered by hatred. So try to reassemble that broken heart and piece by piece fix it together.
The very first important step to take is to talk it over for some time. It is still important to have it talked before splitting it up to clarify things. The decision for divorce can only be the result of misunderstanding or miscommunication. So, to resolve the problem, take a seat and converse with each other personally.
Talk about the things that made your relationship goes that way. Answer the “whats”, “whys”, and “hows”. Things will never get cleared without bringing it to open. What’s the purpose of getting married? What’s the purpose of promising in front of the altar that you will love each other in happiness and despair? ‘Till death do you part?
Find time to reminisce the past and bring back the love that you once felt for each other. Time runs as fast as you think of it. You don’t know when you will be ending your life. So do all possible solutions to save your marriage by following this 3 step divorce prevention.
To prevent 3 step divorce, proceed to the second step which is to make a list of all the attribute that you like with each other. List down the things that you wish to do with your spouse but you are so busy with your work. And also jot down the memories you have shared together. By remembering all of these, you will come to realize how you should still care for your relationship.
The most important part of this step is the listing of the issues that you want to discuss with each other. This will help both of you to be more open and expressive to your true feelings.
And lastly, the third step is the maintenance of pleasant communication. Don’t raise your voice because it ill just arise the tension between the two of you. Be calm and stay smart. Never let your hatred and bitterness control your temper, let your heart and mind do that.
Don’t be so defensive if not necessary. Just let the honest thought come out of your mouth. The 3 step divorce to prevent divorce should be your first resort when experiencing difficulties with your married life and make divorce your last resort.