Child Custody Calculator

Child Custody Calculator
There are different kinds of reasons why the parents are divorcing which is not advisable but it must need to be done. Due to the demand of divorcing, the government designed a child custody calculator to calculate the gross income of each parent that will be contributed to the future of the child. Most divorced parents nowadays are arguing on the monthly contribution that will be given on child’s future. In may ruin the terms and condition that both parents agreed even the time of visiting. Child custody calculator can be found in numerous reliable website on the internet. You can also ask your attorney or child support agency about the information of child custody calculator.
Child custody calculator has many requirements in order to determine the contribution that can be given by a parent on their child. This type of program will help both parents to obey the said law since they will sign a contract in order to finalize the said condition. If you or your ex-wife will not obey the said agreement, it has a high tendency that you will be sued by the government or removed the custody rights that you have in your child.
Only the court and the government have the full authority to know the amount and cost of the child order for support. The child custody calculator gives the amount estimation only and it is not accurate enough to give a guarantee of the cost of the child order support that the court ordered. The child custody calculator is only liable to count the amount of basic support for 6 or lower joint children. The court or government may give the support order without following the guidelines. Not that this action is implemented when there are 6 joint children or more.
The following is the child custody calculator requirements for you to use the said program.
• You must pass your gross income “monthly” and your ex-spouse from all your businesses or sources.
• The numbers of children that live in each of the parent’s home but note that you cannot count the children that parent have the court order that included paying child support.
• Any or other support orders for the child for either the parents.
• Any of the order in spousal maintenance for either parent.
• Dental and medical coverage of the monthly cost. It is very important to give this information since it will help the child custody calculator to save money for the medical and dental expenses of the child.
• Cost of child care
• The amount or percentage of parenting “ time awarded by the court order”
Both parents will not worry about the expenses since there are some situations that only the willing parent will give a contribution for the child’s expenses. Most of the countries nowadays had implemented their own style of child custody calculator. Child custody calculator has given a wide benefit especially in obeying the law order of child custody support.