Child Custody Calculator

Child Custody Calculator
When the event of divorce happens between the parents, the new issue prevails between them to add fuel to the fire-the child custody and child support. It becomes a serious issue, when it comes to the question that who and how much the parents will have to support the child after its custody has been given to one of the parents. When the court has given its decision to give the child’s custody to any one of the parent either the mother or the father, the non-custodial parent have to give the particular amount of money to the custodial one for child support.
Now the question arises that how that particular amount will calculate for the child support. It is the child custody calculators, which calculates the amount of money the non-custodial parent has to give to the other parent.
Each state has its own rules for calculating the amount of money given to the child support. Hence, it varies from the situation and circumstances of the parents. Most of the parents are not aware of such calculators that is why they end up, living their life without taking that child support amount from the other parent throughout their life. It is very necessary to know the terms and conditions of these calculators of your state and how they work.
These calculators are actually based on a form having any particular questions regarding the income and other expanses of the non-custodial parent. Such calculators are also available on the internet you just have to search out the one made in your state and after filling the questions asked in it, you have to submit it up to get an estimated amount which you have to pay for the child support to the custodial parent of your child.
However, the amount of child support, which the court orders might be different from the one you calculate from child custody calculator. In that case, you have to obey the orders given by the court; else, you can claim in the court to change the amount of money you have to pay for the support of your child. These calculators are usually made for those children who are living with one parent only. In any other case, such as children who are not under custody orders or are we living with both parents, these calculators are not applicable.
Usually this support is given until the child reaches the age of 18. Unless when the child starts earning his own income, the support given by the non-custodial parent is not necessarily applicable then under the law.
The general questions asked for calculating the estimated amount for child support includes the number of children who are going to have the child support, monthly income and net monthly income of the non-custodial parent. The health insurances, social securities, the total amount of money for family group of the non-custodial parent are all included to calculate the estimated amount for child support.
These calculators are helpful in getting the best-expected child support payments but it is not necessary that the custodial parent will get the same amount as it is also mentioned in the clauses written at the bottom of these calculators!