Child Custody Mediation

Child Custody Mediation

What is child custody mediation? It is when both the parents meet with a third party (neutral) called a meditator, who will help you make a parenting plan. The purpose of this is so, that you and the other parent can discuss the child custody agreement. The mediator helps you through the process, on how to decide the best thing for your child. The time your child will be spending with you, and how will you care and give for your child.

Why is child custody mediation better than going to the court? A mediator cannot impose a situation on you, as a court may. There is no harm in going to the mediator, as he is there to help you. Other good reasons are:

– The mediator is a professional, and is a neutral party.
– Mediator does not need you to appoint a lawyer, present evidence, or call a witness. Neither, does he have high unaffordable fees.
– The process is not a threat, as anything said between a mediation sessions, will not be used in a trial. Therefore, both the parents can speak freely.
– Mediation can conclude in a week or so. Unlike the court trials that go on for months or years.
– This will give you a chance to communicate with your EX. Studies have shown that divorce parents who cooperate with each other, their children tend to do much better in their life.

How to prepare for meditation
To prepare for mediation, you must:
– Make some sample parenting plans.
– Write important issues on paper.
– Create a sample parenting time schedule.
– Write down your work timings, child special events, and other important dates.
– If you have concerns, write them down for discussion.
– Make suggestions after the mediation.

Will meditation work in high conflict cases?
Yes, it is designed to help parents work through their conflicts. Therefore, they can create a plan for their child’s custody. Mediators are professionals, who help parents to focus what is good for their child. High conflict cases have more chances of going back to court. So, they can really benefit from a mediator. This will save time, money, and prevent future disagreements.

Do’s and Don’ts:
– Focus on the child’s need.
– Do not focus on your needs.
– Do not discuss property or child support.
– Acknowledge the child special needs according to his/her age, development, and temperament.
– Do not badmouth the other parent.

Where can I find a mediator?
You can easily find a mediator through court. There are also private mediators who have a degree in law, counseling, or social work. Any mediator should have experience, and be trained in child custody mediation. You can easily find a private mediator in your area. You can look online or in your local directory.

How can I make mediation successful?
– Be flexible about new ideas, and parenting arrangements
– Listen carefully to the other parents ideas
– Focus on what is best for your child
– Do not bring divorce issues into this matter
– Talk to your child; find out what he/she wants
– Listen to everything the mediator says.