Child Custody Questions

Child Custody Questions – Am I best?
Child custody is not an easy decision and what with all the legal regulations, if it is not enough mental stress deciding who gets to keep the children, the legal process literally wears out. To decide who gets child custody is not entirely in either parent’s hands but to get an upper hand in a custody battle, parents should learn about child custody questions and rights.
Whether someone is a new parent or has had an experience, custody battles are brutal and they leave everyone, including the child or children in question, exhausted. Now, there arise many questions related to child custody; what is legal custody? I am a mother does that not qualify for custody? Do I have to go to court? The answer to all these questions is simple: Child Custody laws. Every country has different laws, every state or province deals with this issue with their own custody laws and practices.
It is not a new phenomenon in custody battles that every parent has millions of questions of their own. Among the most common are; I am the mother, I should have custody shouldn’t i? Well no! you see today it’s not just about maternal influence, it’s about the best interests of the child. If the mother alone is capable, financially, physically and psychologically, take care of the child, then all legal rights are in her favor, but if it is not true than laws are for the other parent. The court seeks the best interests for the child since education; physical support and emotional upbringing are the three most important factors in a child’s learning and then growth, and the court does not compromise on these under any circumstances.
Another question that crosses newly separated parents’ mind is how long does the proceedings take? Well, now the time depends on the type of laws of the state, province or country. Legal proceedings are a long process especially if it is a joint custody case, a few months would not go anywhere.
Now there is also the question of child custody evaluation. Many separated parents fighting for child custody might have to go through custody evaluation. Since the court serves best interest of a child, it needs to know which parent is capable of providing the best environment and fulfills the child’s every need.
What all these custody questions point at is the lack of knowledge of the laws of the state, province or country that the parents are going to fight battle in. The best way to tackle the situation is to be well informed of the laws. This way the parent can better understand what is required of him or her.
For all the Child Custody questions that arise in the minds of the parent, it is best advised to consult a child custody family law attorney. Usually a general law-practicing attorney can handle divorce cases and custody cases, but for best-case handling, divorce specialized lawyers would be of best help.