Child Custody Statistics

Child Custody Statistics

Looking for the exact child custody statistics is difficult. However, there are general statistics that will give you a general idea. According to a study divorce statistics, are sky-high about 2.5 million people get divorced during a year. 82.6% custody’s are awarded to women, which results in that 40% of the children grow up without a father. It is very crucial and cannot be further stressed that both the parents’ presence is essential in a child’s life.

A strong movement did start in 1990’s, by the fathers, but it has not made much progress until today. Only 10% of fathers are given child custody. Studies have shown that a child develops best when supported by both his/her parents. Unless and until there are serious circumstances present, there must be a healthy relationship between a child and both his parents. If both the parents have a positive role in a child’s life, the child’s social development, emotional development, and academic development is at its best.

Mother-child interaction and Father-child interactions have shown to promote positive physical, emotional, mental, and social development of a child. Child who ends up in sole care and not shared custody has shown the signs of being depressed, bad behavior, and falling grades. I’ am sure that a child needs both his parents. Over the past 15 years, some courts have taken steps to lessen the lack of father involvement in a child’s life.

In five out of six cases, the custody of the child is given to the mother. Often, the father had been the caretaker of the child, and wanted to keep up an involvement in the child’s life, but was not permitted by the court to do so. In 6.4 million custodial parents most 81.7%, cases are joint custody parenting agreements for the child or at least visiting privileges. This shows us that the number of joint custody parenting is decreasing.

Studies show, that single parent children are more likely to, do poorly in school or drop out, they develop emotional problems, abuse drugs and alcohol, become teenage parents, and have a poverty level incomes. To prevent your child from such consequences, both parents are to be present in the child’s life in equal basis.

Mother’s boyfriend can take the place of father, but it has alarming results. Children in step parental care are at risk of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. It established during a study that sexual abuse of a boy, by the stepparent, is when that boy tries to show male-dominance in the house. It is not for the sexual pleasure that these cases happen, it is about building a hierarchy in the household.

Children are in need of more child custody reforms that result in joint custody agreements. As for the past 15 years, six out of five cases result in custody awarded to the mother. In the same period, child abuse, neglect, and maltreatment charts remain high!