Child Development Chart

Child Development Chart

Every parent dreams about watching their children grow up. From a newborn infant to being a toddler, then to a kid, kid to teenager, and then finally an adult. The best way to keep track of your baby is to set up a child development chart. It is easy and it gives you the opportunity to keep a track of your child’s health. There are many types’ child development stages that you have to cover. So, make a chart according to their age developments. Do not only keep the track of your child’s physical development, but with that focus on is mental developments.

Stages and Ages:
Children go through different gradual processes. The development and growth of their childhood should be managed properly by making a child development chart. Sometimes parents hit a rough patch with their children. When the child is exhibiting unwanted behavior, and parents find it stressful. Knowing that almost every child goes through it, you can make it easier. You do not have to stress too much and if you keep pushing your child, he probably will not listen to you. Be calm and gentle with your child during this process.

Parents should always remember that every child is different and develops at his/her own time. Do not get stressed, if your child is not walking by the age of 1, many children take more time than that. Consult your child’s condition with your pediatrician, to be on the safe side. Do not pressure your child as it can harm him in many ways. Do not treat all your children in the same manner as every child is an individual, and parents need to understand that. Your second child will not develop and progress as your first one.

Child development situations:
Your child’s birth order and your family size influence your child’s developments. The experience of an only child is different, from of the child who was born in a larger family. The birth order will also affect the way you relate to your child, the experiences they have, the way parents treat him/her, and this affects the way they develop as individuals. First born children feel neglected, and unloved when their new sibling arrives. Be sure to provide both your children with the same amount of time. At times like these firstborns may act like babies to get the attention of his/her parents.

Development stages:
When making a child development chart keep in mind the most important developments. Their physical development, intellectual development, learning and communication, social, emotional, and behavioral development. Start making the chart when you child is born. Therefore, you can track his development, and if your child has late developments, you can start working on them.

Instead of wasting time and not being able, to find out at the right time may cause many problems for your child. To make sure you do not get confused while making the chart. Sort them age wise and then month wise. The first year is the time you have to be sure your child is developing in the right manner.