Child Support AZ

Division of Child Support Enforcement, Arizona or DCSE is responsible for governing the regulations for Child Support in the state of Arizona. The DCSE office helps both custodial as well as the non-custodial parents and owners of pets to establish and enforce the Child Support order. The office is also responsible for collecting and disbursing the payments for the cause. The overall method is very organized as in case of any other state in United States of America. Having said that, let us take a detailed look at how the Child Support AZ works and helps divorced parents to deal with their child’s or children’s upkeep and growth.
Division of Child Support Enforcement, Arizona or DCSE renders its services to both custodial and non-custodial parents. The services that are provided by the DCSE are summed up below:
• Locating the non-custodial parent.
• Paternity establishment.
• Child Support order establishment.
• Child Support order enforcement.
DCSE automatically provides these services to those families that are currently living under TANF program. TANF stands for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. The services are also provided to those families who are under Medical Assistance Only or Foster Care programs that are assisted by the federal government. It is not necessary that only families with state or federal assistance will receive free DCSE services. Those who are not under state or federal assistance programs can also get free DCSE services. They will however need to fill up an application form. The application form can be downloaded from the website of Arizona Child Support Enforcement office or can be manually collected from the office. While filling out the application form, the applicant needs to provide as much information as possible. Some of the necessary data include: full name of the non-custodial parent, Social Security Number, address, name as well address of most recent employer of the custodial parent, information about the non-custodial parent’s assets and income, Social Security Number and the full name of each individual child involved, birth certificates of the children, a copy of Child Support order from the court and records for any payments made to the court.
Division of Child Support Enforcement, Arizona is responsible for establishing Child Support order from the court. It is actually a legal procedure where the court will be deciding the amount of money to be paid each month by the non-custodial parent. In case the children live with a guardian or foster parents, the court will determine the amount of money each real parent must pay towards the upkeep and growth of the children. The court will also decide which parent needs to pay for the health insurance of the children. The court order will generally be based on a number of guidelines already established by the state for Child Support. These guidelines include factors like the financial status of the parents and the actual monetary needs of the children. In case the parents are willing to go through the guidelines, they can use several online resources or the can ask the DCSE or their attorney to provide them with the guidelines.
Arizona Supreme Court has adopted a number of guidelines for Child Support in the state of Arizona. These guidelines are used by the court to ensure that each child gets a fair share of their parents’ resources and incomes. The calculations of Child Support, Arizona are based on the financial needs of the children, visitation, income level of both parents, medical expenses, medical support and child care. The local Division of Child Support Enforcement, Arizona office provides a robust set of guidelines and instructions worksheet that will allow the parents to calculate the amount of Child Support payment.
The Division of Child Support Enforcement, Arizona has been bestowed with certain authority to use several methods for enforcing the Child Support order issued by the court. The methods that can be used by the Division of Child Support Enforcement, Arizona are mentioned below:
• Withholding income.
• Reporting new hire.
• Lien against personal property.
• Lien against real property.
• Deduction from unemployment compensation.
• Deduction from worker’s insurance compensation.
• Suspension of recreational and professional license.
• Suspension of driver’s license.
• Passport denial.
• Offsets to federal taxes.
• Credit Bureau reporting.
• Interception of lottery winnings.
• Judicial procedures.
The Division of Child Support Enforcement, Arizona as IVR or Interactive Voice Response Telephone System that provides information updates for every case at the end of each business day. The IVR system has also included information on status and payment for the case and can be accessed without speaking to anyone in person. The lines are open 24×7. Parents can call any of the following two numbers: 1-800-882-4151 or 602-252-4045.
All payments for Child Support, Arizona are handled through one centralized office called the State Distribution Unit. The State Distribution Unit of the SDU is responsible for not only collecting Child Support payments but also for disbursing the same within Arizona. The payments are always processed on the very same day they are received but are disbursed on the next business day. So, if a payment comes in on Friday, the payment will be processed but will be disbursed on Monday.
The Division of Child Support Enforcement, Arizona reviews any modification requests made by either of the two parents. The modification requests are to be sent in written along with a valid reason for such request. The DCSE will use the set guidelines for making any modifications and it may take up to 6 months for modifications to take place, if any!
Child Support is a very sensible matter and it is always suggested to the parents that they put aside their personal and vested interests and prioritize the future of their children. If they cannot stay together, they must at least try to ensure that the life of their children stay smooth and should not be torn up.