Child Support Enforcement NC

Child Support Enforcement NC

Every divorce that a person enters has with it responsibilities that cannot be avoided. Once the divorce is granted, judges normally entail to the parties the normal duty of parents to their children, except where the parties have no children. The mothers are usually tasked to take care of their child or children while the fathers are given the duty to render financial support to his child or children. This is now where child support enters.

Child support means the payment ordered by the court to the non-custodial parent to be given to the custodial parent for their child’s or children’s development and growth. There are times that child support is managed directly by the non-custodial parent. Also, the government may give child support, but in consequence to that, the parent’s income will have to be deducted afterwards including the government interests if included. In North Carolina, there is a child support enforcement agency that manages all the affairs regarding child support services. They call their child support enforcement NC as Division of Social Services (DSS).

The agency’s mission is to collect child support funds as much as possible for their community children’s benefit. The agency is formed because of the CSE Program or the Child Support Enforcement Program, since 1975. They offer assistance and services like locating the non-custodial parent, establishment of paternity for children, support obligations, collections and distributions of child support, and enforcement of child support obligations. Other matters concerning but not similar to child support are not already scope by such agency. In this case, the solution of the client is to discuss his other concerns to an attorney. Requesting for the services of the child support enforcement agency is easy to get. They may be contacted through the use of the internet or if you have a phone, through local call.

Usually, the child support enforcement NC will ask first some necessary information for them to determine what proper remedy or cause of action they should partake regarding your case. Every detail that you may give will surely stay to be confidential in every respect. The common thing that they first ask is the presence of the non-custodial parent. This is so because the absence of the non-custodial parent will affect the filing of the child support.

Another important factor that you have to give is your income statement for the recent month or year. After some time of questioning and verification, an application form will be given for completion. This will serve as your true statements regarding your information and other related ones. Paternity fees may then be getting from you. For instance that recognition of paternity is indistinct, a proper legal action in court is necessary. Through this, summons will be served to the non-custodial parent and if no response or otherwise, he may be charged of contempt of court.

For more information regarding the child support enforcement NC you may visit their site or try searching the web to get additional information on North Carolina’s child support enforcement agency.