Child Support Wa

Child support is a critical subject because it can affect the mental well-being of the child more than the parents and hence, divorced parents must handle every aspect sensibly. In the State of Washington, child support is handled by DCS or Division of Child Support. The DCS is a branch of DSHS or Department of Social and Health Services. The DCS is responsible for providing the necessary resources to non-custodial or custodial parents as well as child guardians or custodians.
The Division of Child Support in Washington State provides a number of services that include child support order establishment, paternity establishment, child support order modification, child support order enforcement and as well as payment processing for child support WA. The Division of Child Support will continue to render these services until either the child turns 18 years old or until the child leaves the household of the custodian. Irrespective of whether the child turns 18 or leaves the custodian’s household, the DCS will continue pursuing child support payments in case of arrears.
The payments for child support WA are intended for covering general expenses like medical care, education, clothing, shelter and food. The actual amount that must be awarded is determined by the court. The court assesses the age of the child/children, their basic needs, capacity of earning for the custodian parent, the non-custodial parent’s financial ability and finally, all other responsibilities that both the parents need to fulfill. There are a set of Child Support Laws and Guidelines that are predetermined. The court uses those laws and guidelines to calculate the amount of child support payment. The official website of the Division of Child Support has a payment calculator that will help parents to find the amount that will be applicable in their case.
The office of Division of Child Support in Washington State has created different application packages considering the fact that not every case will be same. So, those parents who need to apply for child support services offered by DCS must first determine the package that suits their condition the best and then download the necessary forms available on the website of DCS. For those who do not want to use the electronic format can actually visit any one of the nine different offices of Division of Child Support, Washington and collect the printed application forms. The 9 different field offices of DCS are scattered all over the State of Washington. The various types of packages available are mentioned below:
• Custodial Parents with a Child Support Order. Forms to be completed are 18-078, 14-057, 18-433 and 16-072.
• Custodial Parents without a Child Support Order. Forms to be completed are 18-078, 14-057 and 16-072.
• Non-Custodial Parents with a Washington State Child Support Order. Forms to be completed are 14-057B and 16-107.
• Non-Custodial Parents without a Child Support Order. Forms to be completed are 14-057B and 16-107.