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Annulment In Texas
Annulment in Texas is a legal procedure where a marriage is declared void and null. This is ironical. Couples do so much before they are married and everything that takes place happens in front of a social gathering of invited people and one single law can just nullify the marriage as if it never happened at all. This type of law can only be executed if a legal contest takes place in a court for a marriage that never existed. This means that once the law is applied, the marital standing between a boy and a girl is simply dissolved and they are returned to their status of being singles! This will simple happen even if the two people are not willing to return to their single status.
Having said this, we hope that you are by now aware of the fact that annulment in Texas is not the same as divorce. Annulment dissolves a marriage which was void and never took place. Divorce will dissolve a valid marriage contract. Annulment will allow the couples to get back their single status but in case of divorce, the status is not reverted back to single but instead, it is termed as divorced!
So, now that we have a clear understanding that annulment and divorce are not the same, we need to understand annulment properly. When exactly an annulment can take place? Is it necessary for the married couples to be married for a specified time frame? Well, several people do have the opinion that there has to be a minimum number of marital years before the court can annul a marriage. NO, this is wrong. There is no such requirement. A couple may be married for 10 years and can face annulment or the couple can be married only for a few months and still annulment in Texas can take place!
There has to be grounds for annulment. Let us cite an example where annulment is possible. Suppose two people get married. While one has attained the age of being an adult, the other has not and they get met married as any other couple in Texas. However, since one person is still under-aged, he or she can make that as a ground for annulment because, Texas laws never allows marriage below the age specified by law. This is one example where annulment can take place on a legal ground. However, there are many other scenarios as well. Let us take a look at two other scenarios which will help you understand what is called annulment of marriage or nullification of a void marriage.
If the husband is impotent or if the wife is infertile, the marriage can be annulled because of the fact that the causes of infertility or impotency means that the wife or the husband respectively failed to fulfill the basic need carrying a child or fathering a child respectively. Yet another case may be case of mentally challenged. If one of the spouses is mentally challenged, the marriage can be considered to be void.
An aggrieved party can also file for annulment in Texas if, he or she was forced to marry using threats. It has to be remembered that the annulment in Texas is almost similar to divorce in terms of procedural steps. The rules are very strict and hence, it is always advised to take legal help from learned attorney on this particular aspect.