Department Of Child Support

An Overview Of Department Of Child Support
Child Support is not good in the sense that it is attached with negative emotional impact on children, especially on those who are quite grown up. However, situations arise where child support becomes essential for a better future of the child or children. The conflict between parents can actually hamper the growth prospects of the child or children and hence, it is mandated by law that if such a situation comes up, either of the parents will be responsible for providing the essential monetary support while the other will be the custodian of the child or children and he or she will be responsible for the upkeep of the child or children.
There are obviously some deviations and different cases can be pointed out. However, the essence lay in the fact that under no circumstance shall a child or the children suffer. For this, the parent responsible for physical upkeep of the child must file for child support, if needed. Every state in USA has a Department of Child Support. This department comes with a general set of objectives. However, slight variations may be encountered from one state to the other. Let us take a look at the scope of services for any Department of Child Support and once we do that, we will also peek into the aspects which generally do not fall under the scope of services for the department.
In Scope:
• The department is responsible for establishing paternity when someone files for child support.
• The department is also responsible for locating a parent so that paternity can be established.
• The department also establishes and enforces child support and payment.
• The department can also establish, modify and enforce court order.
• The department is in charge of collection and distribution of the payments.
• It also establishes and enforces medical support which also includes vision care and dental care.
Outside the Scope: Now that we know the scopes of the Department of Child Support, let us take a look at those aspects which are not covered by the department.
• The department never handles divorces.
• Matters related to visitation and/or custody is not handled by the department.
• The department is not responsible for establishing support orders for spouse.
• Restraining orders are neither obtained nor enforced by the department.
One very crucial thing that you need to keep in mind while working with Department of Child Support is that the department will have its own attorney and there are no confidentiality obligations between the attorney and you. This means that if you provide some information, it may be disclosed to a person or a public agency that has the authority to receive such information. This is specifically mentioned because you need to know that once you file for child support, there will be a number of agencies involved in the entire process that will gain access to your data. If you want to seek advice from any private attorney or any legal aid group, you will have to do that on your own expense.