Divorce In America

Divorce in America
America is said to be the top ranking state with regards to the issue of divorce. Reasons for these are pop out everywhere, from the culture up to individual differences and mind setting. The divorce in America is not a new issue to talk about. It had occurred since the stated started to be developed and civilize. No doubt that all Americans, not to judge them, are all thinking of divorce before and during marriage.
The common reasons for the high rate of divorce in America are the thinking of its citizens. Americans are known to be self-centred people. They only care about themselves and just want to live themselves. They only wish the good to happen for them not anymore thinking of other’s feelings and situations which are caused by their acts. The importance of family in America is no longer given a proper attention and concern. The society and the people had changed it.
According to statistics, the marriage and divorce in America are mainly caused by its own people who have gotten more self-absorbed and lazier. It is well-explained how the United States of America got the highest rate in divorce including the solo parenting. The Western world witnessed how the divorce in America grows.
People in America always have this thought: “Divorce is always available whenever you feel that this marriage no longer works.” How could they think of that? Just as simple as because they think that filing out the divorce papers or forms are much easier than living with your wife in misery and the marriage is not working anymore.
Other reasons for divorce in America are poor communication skills, financial issues, infidelity, lack of commitment from either party or just the other side, and priorities changed. Financial issues always affect the relationship with the selfish attitude of the two people involved.
When no one wants to listens the problem in communication starts. Being married means you have to commit yourself, compromise and work. These words are not found in the dictionary of Americans that is why the rate of divorce in America is increasing. Laziness and egotism will not do any good to a relationship.
They used to sneak out from their spouse to be satisfied by the other person. This shows not only dishonesty but also selfishness because what he only cares about is his own happiness. Disregarding his wife or husband is a very usual scenario in America.
In 1970, the rate of marriage is found to decline due to preference of people to cohabitation more than marriage. This finding is according to the survey conducted by the State of Our Unions in the year 2005. Couples then chose to live together without legal commitment because it guarantees no specific responsibilities and obligations.
However, it only turned out to have higher rate of divorce when couples involved themselves first to cohabitation. Up to the present time, the divorce in America still owns the highest rank because of their attitude. Hence, the only key to cure this social illness is to change the negative vibes of these people to create a better society and family.