Divorce Law in Texas

What you need to know about divorce in Texas

Divorce is not easy! It is tough because a number of things come up during divorce like the assets, the properties, children and finance. Since things just stir up so easily, it is not really easy for people to continue with the same and go on and on in defense in front of the court. It is because of this reason; most of the divorces in Texas are actually uncontested divorce.

It is also referred to as the no fault divorce. Either of the names is derived from the logic that the applicants actually agree upon a settlement deal outside the court before the court filing is done and hence, there’s not much to argue over.
Since there is an emotional trauma associated with divorce, it may not be easy to come to an agreement before the uncontested divorce takes place.

If however, the two people can actually arrive to an agreement and provide a full report to the court with details to details to property split, the cause of divorce, child custody, the child visitation rights, finances and everything necessary as well as who gets the pets, the uncontested divorce in Texas becomes inevitable. However, if the two people fail to reach an agreement on their own, they can seek help from their individually selected family law attorneys. This will increase the overall cost because consultation with attorney is not free and especially, divorce lawyers or family law attorneys are not cheap birds.
In order to be able to file uncontested divorce in Texas, at least one of the two parties need to be a resident of Texas for duration of at least 6 months and he or she must be resident of the county in which the divorce is filed for a minimum period of 90 days. Only when this residency condition is fulfilled, one can file a divorce petition in court. It is not really necessary for one of the spouses to actually serve the divorce papers to their partners.

The petition can be filed and then a copy of the same will be delivered to the other person.
In Texas, there is a waiting period of 6 days for the obligator once the petition is filed. The filing is then completed at local District Court during the final hearing and the petition needs to be there for the hearing. Once the divorce filing is complete, the spouses are not allowed to remarry within 30 days unless such an event is specifically agreed upon during the proceedings of the divorce however the people involved can search puppies for sale.. Divorce proceedings may take up to 70 days. During this entire process of uncontested divorce in Texas, completing the paperwork and finalizing other agreements as mentioned before, the spouses can save money as well as time.

Uncontested divorce in Texas is strongly supported and promoted by law. In case of uncontested or no fault divorce, neither of the parties blames one another for the breakdown of the marriage agreement. It is rather considered to be an outcome of some other reason like mismatch of religion, zodiac, belief etc. This is strongly supported in Texas because it reduce emotional and mental stress and positively impact the future of child, if any, because, the parents can decide the future of the children and siblings better than anyone else even those found.