Fathers Custody Rights

Fathers Custody Rights – “I want to be there!”
In a separation, fathers seem to be the most suffering. Yes men can be abusive, yes, they do not care about children the way mothers do and they even could be drug users or alcoholic, but not all fathers are like that. Not every father beats their child, or come home drunk. In addition, not to give those rights to claim, at least joint custody is way over the edge.
In many countries, mothers are more benefited than fathers in the case of divorce. What fathers are stuck with is the child support and visitation rights determined by the ex. When in the process of a separation, the courts usually favor the mothers as they are caregivers and emotionally available until proven otherwise and a child custody evaluation is performed. Fathers custody rights not much to detail here.
Fathers are allowed trials and court proceedings, which can be a tedious work. Since a single case can go on for months at the least, and are very expensive. In addition, it is not even guaranteed that they would win the custody of their children. The maximum any father gets from the case hearings is the visitation rights, which are asked by the mother to determine.
Well now, it is not like there is no hope. There had been many movements from the “good” fathers demanding equal rights as the mothers. There had also been a legal demand to allow father custody rights, share custody upon separation but the suggestion had been rejected. However, the movement has not lost hope and is continually working until fathers receive their rights.
Now there is an option, which could save fathers the hustle of tedious court hearings, long case dates and the expensive trials. Immediately after the separation, fathers can do an agreement with the mothers by a legally binding done by a solicitor. This way fathers are saved the court visits and a mutual understanding can be reached but this is only possible if the separated couple are cordial.
In addition, there is one more option available to fathers, Parental Responsibility which is agreed upon the birth of a child, in a marriage, or if the mother and father sign one. This agreement is meant for fathers to share the responsibility of their children together with the separated mother. Through this, the father has to assume responsibility financially as well as in major life decisions of the child for example education, religion, health options etc. There are also Contact Orders and residence orders, which allow fathers to remain in contact and even let children stay in their houses but both these can be achieved if the fathers have previously signed the Parental Responsibility
Most of the times, a separation is a result of a bad marriage situation or the abusive husband but at times the separation is not the responsibility of a father. The Fathers who are involved in the betterment of their children’s life deserve custody rights or at least better options and lesser hectic court trials.