How To File For Divorce

How To File For Divorce?
Divorce is perhaps the last thing that comes to your mind especially on the day you get married. That day is one of the happiest days in your life. It is because of this reason, when you ask “how to file for divorce”, you are left shattered from inside because your dream of “happily ever after” comes to an end. But the truth is that certain things are inevitable and they just happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them.
Filing for divorce – how?
Filing for divorce is not simple, especially if you are filing for a contested divorce and not a no-fault divorce. There are several steps that you will have to follow before actual filing to ensure that the filing is smooth and hassle free. Let us take at the steps that you will have to follow for smooth filing.
Divorce lawyer – consult
Consulting a divorce lawyer is of utmost importance. If you think even for a moment that you can do away without a lawyer, you are wrong unless you are yourself a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer is the best person to answer ‘how to file for divorce’. This is because of the fact that the lawyer is educated in field of family laws and in divorce laws and that it is his or her profession and hence, no one else will know better than the lawyer. Moreover, a divorce lawyer is kind of an information center for you. The lawyer will help you to get answers to your question and help you in making proper decision. Any hasty decision on our part will only cause suffering and hence, consulting a divorce lawyer is very important. You will also be advised on the finances an about different claims and settlements.
Preparation of finances
A divorce lawyer is generally very expensive (in case of online divorce, it is not very expensive). This means that you will have to keep your finances prepared. This becomes very important in case you are financially not independent, i.e. you are financially dependent on your partner. You need to remember that the fees of the divorce lawyer can be alone responsible for eating up a hole in your pocket. Apart from the fees for the lawyer, you will have your daily expenses during the divorce phase and hence, you will have to take care of that as well. A situation may come up where your partner will no longer give you financial support unless the court specifically orders that. So, you will never want to be in a financial misfortune by the time the divorce process comes to an end. Hence, it is necessary for you to make sure that you make yourself financially secured. Open you savings account, find a job and start saving. That’s the only way you can kill your dependence on you partner.
Do some talking with your partner
If you think that divorce has to be messy, you are wrong. While many people do ask ‘how to file for divorce’, they actually fail to understand that talking to the partner can be a crucial factor. You can talk to your partner about the situation and see if uncontested divorce is possible. If possible, the overall divorce process will be pretty smooth and take less time. You can also talk to your partner about alimony, child custody, divorce property etc. and these things can actually take place according to the satisfaction of the partners.
Just in case you find that you party continues to be wary about the situation; you must never give up on no-fault or uncontested divorce. See if you can arrange a meeting in presence of both the lawyers and find out if a cleaner divorce is possible with the help of collaboration or mediation. Both mediation and collaboration are actually popular methods with end goal being uncontested divorce.