How To Get Full Custody

How To Get Full Custody
In United States of America, divorce has become a very common act. It is really an alarming situation in US because its rate is increasing tremendously. There are multiple reasons of divorce. Among these reasons, the most significant reasons are lack of trust and sexual satisfaction, lack of commitment, incapability to manage issues and conflicts, mental instability between relations, different religious beliefs and different cultural lifestyles. In US the main reason of divorce between the couple is misunderstanding and lack of sexual satisfaction. It is reported in USA that every fourth couple is facing these problems and hence their relation ends up with divorce.
How to get full custody of a child has become a very hot topic in USA. If we go into the details, there are so many complications which arise after divorce. If the couple is recently married and the woman has not given birth to a child, it is less complicated as compared to those situations in which there are children. The complications may become worse if the children are school going or have not attained the age of maturity. How to get full custody of a child is a complex and confusing question. Obtaining full custody in USA has become an emerging problem. Both the father and the mother want their children to be with them. Legally as well as naturally, it is the mother who has the universal right to take the possession of her children after divorce. Father may not agree with this because there is no doubt that it is not an easy task to give away your blood relations, especially children. Hence, under these circumstances, the case is referred to the court and the decision of the court prevails.
There are multiple opinions about getting a full custody of a child. If you want to get the full custody of your child, firstly you have to apply for this in the court on the basis of divorce papers. You have to give enough evidences to convince the court otherwise, there are strong chances that court may reject your application. The best idea in such circumstances is to avail the expertise of a lawyer. He/she can guide you legally as well as provide guidance on other aspects so that you can apply for full child custody with firm proofs and evidences. Court will always prefer to give the custody to the mother but in other circumstances, court will go through all relevant and legal issues. If one parent has the physical custody of the child and he or she is the right and the best option in the eyes of court, applicant has no right to take the custody from that parent. The court will not entertain the applicant in these situations. If he or she has firm proofs and reasons such as the child’s other parent is not performing duties well or there are issues about the safety of child, the court may take decision in favor of the applicant if the burden of proofs is in his/her favor.
In order to be able to get a clear analysis of the issue, we need to first go through the types of child custody available. In essence there are only four types of child custody.
1. Physical Custody
In physical custody, the parent has the physical possession of the child/children and the child(ren) will live with him or her.
2. Legal Custody
In legal custody, that particular parent has the full right to take decisions about the child and it’s up-bringing.
3. Sole Custody
In this type of custody, the particular parent will enjoy full physical possession of the child/children and he or she will be fully responsible for the up-bringing of the child(ren).
4. Joint Custody
In joint custody, both have the right to enjoy the possession of the child(ren) and decisions about the future of the child(ren) are taken with joint interest and willingness.

In United States of America, child care has been given first priority. This comes ahead of everything else. The court will never allow taking back the custody of the child from that particular parent who is fulfilling his/her all duties with interest and will and he or she is the right option for that particular child. But despite this fact court will give some favor to the child’s other parent. It is always in the interest of the child to have a healthy and meaningful relation with his/her mother as well as his father. If any of the parents has the physical custody of the child and the child’s other parent feels that the custodian parent is not capable of maintaining a proper and healthy situation for the child’s upkeep, he or she is free to take legal action. It is highly advisable not to take any step on your own against that particular parent. Always consult with the attorney and apply for change of child custody. However, if you feel that the court has failed to give a proper decision, don’t hesitate to consult Department of Social Services or Child Protective Services. Contacting Department of Social Services or Child Protective Services USA will not award the applicant physical custody of child but it will protect your child and it will also ensure the safety of the child unless the court takes a firm decision which will go in favor of the child and help you to gain full custody of the child.
How to get full custody of a child in case of absence of any one of the parents is also an important question which should be answered. Under such circumstances, the court may award custody to the child’s other parent. The child’s other parent must apply for the possession in such circumstance otherwise he or she may have to face some legal issues. The applicant must consider all minor issues which can help him or her to win the case. Everything must be properly documented and proofs and evidences should be enough before applying for the full custody. The judge will also consider about the credibility of the parent. If any of the parents is found involved in illegal and bad activities, he or she may have to lose the custody.
It is also a very common act in the world that court doesn’t take away full custody from any of the parent except is some cases. Naturally both of the parents have equal rights on their child and it is against the nature if full custody is awarded to a single parent. Courts in United States of America are very sensitive about the cases of child custody. A little negligence may have very bad effects on the mind of the child and probably no parent in this world will be accepting this. If you are really looking forward to get help with the question on how to get full custody of a child without actually spending money on attorney fee, you may consider looking for online information. There is plethora of such information available. Take your time to read them and understand them before you make any hasty move!