Joint Custody Agreement

Joint Custody Agreement
In the world today, divorce has become a household agreement. Every now and then, a new couple is getting divorced. Who suffers? The children! Between the unresolved issues and total disagreement amongst the adults, children are left stranded physically as well as emotionally. Before mothers had better advantage at getting the child custody and were sole custodians of the decision making in the child’s life but that has changed drastically today. Since, both men and women need to work full-time jobs; it is hard to give full attention to the child’s every need. In a situation like this joint custody helps separated couples give combined attention to the children.
Now how does a joint custody agreement work? No, it is not where one works a lot and the other gets to just see. Both parents have to equally attend to the child’s upbringing. It is an agreement where each parent shares a responsibility, physically and legally. Physically meaning the children get to spend equal times with both parents in separate households and legally meaning making major decisions about the child’s future.
Joint custody has many advantages as the child gets to have both influences since both parents play a vital role in his life. He also gets to surpass the after math of a divorce, as both parents are cooperative in helping their child cope. The child also gets equal time with both parents and gets to share problems on his own terms to whoever seems suitable for sharing a problem. At least the child is not thinking, “if only dad was here” or “mom would have been able to answer that question”. The child is financially sound because both parents are providing a decent percentage for his support as per agreed.
Joint custody agreement cannot necessarily just have advantages; there is another side to the coin. A child is constantly on a commute making him feel like a salesman, one week here on week there, this can lead to frustration and confusion. Psychologically a child must feel lost and out of control. The confusion of “where do I belong really?” can create chaos in the child’s mind.
It is also expensive for both parents to maintain two households. As per agreement, not one parent can back away from the child support but to provide with basic necessities can get costly. In addition, fathers may not realize they need to exercise control in how much they done their child with luxury and may exceed in gifts and extra lavishness. Whereas mothers work control and put needs before wants for all the members in her household.
Overall, separated parents going for joint custody should maintain a good co-worker environment and deal it with business like relationship. This way disputes are less and achievements are greater. They should agree upon what is better for the development of their children because children are the future and a lost and undetermined future would lead to an unstable world. So think right and do right parents, because it all is for the benefit of a harmonious society.