Oregon Dept Of Child Support

It is quite a challenge to raise and support a child, and to do it as a single parent is even more testing. Many children are left with no future because of an ignorant parent and to support one or more single handedly can be disastrous for a child’s well-being.

Children are the future of any nation. It is important to take care of the future thus provide. Every State in the United States is working towards a better support plan for a child stranded due to a broken marriage.

Oregon State has established a division to specially take care of child support rules. The Oregon division of child support helps the young ones live a better life. It ensures the payment of support funds from a non-custodial parent reach the child on time. In addition, if the parent is unreachable or ‘delayed’, the division collects overdue funds with fail. From finding the child’s biological father, to finding non-custodial parent and set up of medical support, Oregon Division of child support does it all.

Who are eligible for this help? Custodial, non-custodial parent, relatives or caretakers with physical custody of a child can all benefit from the help given by this division.
A parent living in another state can also take advantage of the services offered for child support in Oregon. However, state is eligible to help the child only until he is an adult and can, legally, take care of him/herself.

Children, according to the state laws, who have received or are receiving Public assistance, are eligible to obtain child support in Oregon. Public assistance is a temporary assistance provided to needy families that are not necessarily separated.

The division also provides support for children in foster care. The Department of Human Services provides foster care to children but sometimes even foster parents need help raising a child. The child support division of Oregon also imparts its services to such situations.

A lot of information is available on the official website of the Oregon division of child support but it is best to hire or consult a professional practicing attorney to handle the legal arrangements of child support. If a parent or foster parent is already using the services of the division, it is important to update its database for any new changes in phone number and addresses of both custodial and non-custodial parents. It is only to ensure better service for the child and his/her well-being.

The division does not deal with custody cases. It only helps with child support. Once the court determines who the caretaker is in a case hearing, then the application for child support from the division is relevant. Child support can be applied either by directly contacting the offices of the division or by hiring a private attorney. There is a dedicated team at the division to provide personalized and devoted time to each case since one is like the other. The Oregon Division of Child Support is stanched on providing and enforcing the best future for every needy child in the state.