Division Of Child Support Oregon

Programs for Child Support in Oregon

It is an undeniable fact that nearly half of marriages now are ending in divorce and a considerable number of children are born to unmarried parents. The need for child support arises as a consequence of these situations. There is a need to pay child support when one parent does not have the custody of the child so that the latter is not enjoying the benefit of the parent’s income on a daily basis. There are also times, when neither the parents have the custody of their children, so both may be required to pay a third person for the caring of the child. Support is awarded to answer for the basic needs of the children and allow them to live according to the standard of living of their parents.

Services for Child support in Oregon are available to both non-custodial and custodial parents. Even if the one parent is living in another State, the other parent can apply for the services in the state of Oregon if he is within the state. The relative or other person taking care of the child may also avail of the services in behalf and for the child. To apply for these services, they just need to contact the local child support office or they can also simply fill out an application form online. A one time fee of $1 is charge and which will just be deducted from the first support collected.

One of the services offered by the child support in Oregon is establishing paternity of the child. This is the legal process of determining who is the biological father of a child committed. The organization will take steps to establish paternity such as genetic testing. This service also work for a father who wants to be declared as the biological father of a child. There is a need to establish paternity so that you can obtain a support order from the court. This also protects the right of the child of the father dies.

If the paternity is not an issue, the organization will seek to have an order of support from the court. The first step is to determine the amount of support that a child is entitled to. This is computed in accordance with legislative guidelines formulated by the state legislators. The organization for child support in Oregon also made available an online calculator using the guidelines to help those who are interested to take advantage of these services to better understand the guidelines.

If you already have an existing child support order, you can ask the organization to the terms for a possible modification. Before the order can be subject to review, it must have been in existent for at least 35 months and make sure that there are proof of significant changes in the circumstances surrounding your case. The changes may include the change of physical custody of the child, the number of children involved changed, the income of parent supporting has changed and the changed in the need of a child. The organization also employs all the possible means in the enforcement of the orders or the modifications in the order so that each child may get what he is entitled to.