Temporary Custody Agreement

Temporary Custody Agreement
Sometimes in life, a time comes when we have to think about the blessings we have been blessed with by God. There are so many problems prevailing in our society, which are based on harsh and bitter realities, and people are facing it on a regular basis. One of the problems of the same nature is broken families. The ratio of broken families has been increased during the past few years. This is because of the frustration and aggressiveness among people. In addition, eventually it will end up in the form of separation divorce and broken families.
The individual who suffers the most during this whole fuss and hassle is the child or the children. Their life comes to an end all of a sudden and they seek no way out to escape from such miserable situation. Often they are divided between both parents and the result came in the form of split personalities.
After a divorce or a separation, there is a time given to parents to decide about their child’s (or may be children’s) future. They have to take a decision about the custody of their children. At this time, both father and mother have the same rights of their children and they have not reached towards any final decision yet about the custody of their child. This period is usually called temporary custody agreement.
The temporary custody agreement refers to the agreement or a period in which both parents; mother and father are waiting for the permanent parenting agreement. They are not sure about the permanent agreement that it will be given to either the mother or the father. It is quite a tough and difficult time for both parents as they spend each minute by counting it. It is though a confusing and complicated agreement of the parents, as it requires many difficult and complicated clauses to be fulfilled.
This temporary agreement is based on some priorities for the child. Parents have to schedule the timings for the custody; as in how many days the child will live with mother and for how long the child will live with father in a week. Moreover the agreement is also based on the basic needs and priorities of the child that where the kid is comfortable living in. The school, friends and lifestyle of child, have to keep in mind while taking any decision. That is why, children often end up living in the same place where they were living before. The parents who have moved from the home have the permission to see them at any time they want to see them. The agreement varies from state to state and from individual to individual as well according to the circumstances.
This is decision on child custody however on temporary level is a tough and difficult one and hence it has many complications in it. The bombardments of emotions and feelings are always present during the whole period. In addition, it is not only the child who suffered from such emotional challenges, the parents also do suffer from certain heartbreaking situations!