Texas Child Support Office

Texas Child Support Office
United States of America is the biggest victim of divorce cases. According to a recent estimate, it is found that in USA every fifth couple is divorced or having issues like misunderstanding, lack of sexual satisfaction, different life styles, culture and such related issues. Ultimately all these factors combine and the end result is divorce in majority of the cases. USA is a developed country and the literacy rate here is comparatively high as compared to other countries.
Despite this fact, divorce has become a very common act and it is really an alarming situation for the parents as well as for related NGOs in United States of America. It is also reported that eighty percent of the cases in civil courts of USA are about this matter and its related issues. After this big problem, some other problems which originate from this particular issue have put everyone in a tense situation in USA.
Among these problems, child custody is the most highlighted one. It is one of those problems which swell up hatred and differences between the couples. All of these things when combined together put a very bad effect on the upbringing of a child. None of the parents want this unless any one of them is really insensitive. It is a very delicate and sensitive issue. Parents as well as the legal bodies have to decide with full care and interest in the best favor of the child otherwise it will have a negative effect on the personality and the mental growth of that particular child.
To have a detailed analysis of child custody related issues, USA’s administration is taking big steps which may be helpful is assuring the best future of the effected child. For this, an organization is incorporated in Texas under the name of Dallas County Child Support Office. Actual address of this office is George Allen Sr. Courts Building, 600 Commerce Street, Suite 128. Dallas, Texas. The main role of this organization is to provide all sorts of support to the courts in the matters of child custody and support. An attorney general of the state is made responsible for the smooth running of Dallas County Child Support Office. It is incorporated in 2005 and it is operational seven days a week. You can contact Texas Child Support Office twenty four hours a day. It is a very good sign in USA because; courts have become eligible to take effective decisions about child custody and support.
Texas Child Support Office is a non-profit organization. Professional staff comprises mainly of lawyers. These lawyers have a very strong background of family laws and its related issues. They are always there to provide guidance to their clients. A very low fee is charged from the clients. Main goals of Dallas County Child Support Office are as follows:
• Texas child support office is incorporated for the wellbeing of the society. They provide support related to child custody
• The office is responsible for receiving the payments towards the child support which are ordered by Family and Juvenile courts.
• Another goal is to remove all hardships and injustice faced by the families if they are not paid child support. They ensure smooth transfer of the money regularly.
• They also ensure all kinds of support, which the children deserve from their parents.
US administration is also focusing to extend the number of offices. Strong feedback forces the government to incorporate regional offices in all big cities of the country. They have also started consultancy on telephone as well. Their contact number is 214.653.7584 and you can fax them also at 214.653.7574. They also provide consultancy through email process. You can send emails to the Texas Child Support Office at childsup@dallascounty.org. You can also obtain all relevant information on the internet as well. Dallas County Child Support Office has a very good reputation and they are engaged in various welfare activities in the in Dallas county as well as other cities in the state of Texas. A large number of day care centers are established across the state. The Dallas County Child Support Office also supports NGOs across the state of Texas.
Texas Child Support Office has started a number of welfare projects in the state. Its main mission is to flourish all those factors which may be helpful for the healthy upbringing of children. They are available twenty four hours a day. They collect data from NGOs and civil courts and monitors smooth upbringing of children across different cities of the state of Texas. They are also engaged in improving child support services in the state. Dallas County Child Support Office pays keen attention to the children of the divorced parents because; they are the most affected victims. In case of even minor mishandling of these children, it may prove a permanent damage to the personality of such children. These are very delicate and sensitive cases because a little negligence may put very bad effects of the whole country. Why? Simple! Children grow up to become the futures of any nation and Texas as a state of US is no different. It is a common belief that a healthy and progressed state originates from healthy minds. If minds are under negative pressure, they will fail to make a good nation. That is why USA is very keen about the healthy upbringing of children. Dallas County Child Support Office is one of the best examples of these efforts which are made by the US laws.
Texas Child Support Office also ensures the enforcement of court orders. Enforcement of court orders is also an issue in America. Dallas County Child Support Office is fully and exclusively responsible to provide support to the party to which the court has passed the orders in favor.
The court and Dallas Texas Child Support Office order the employer to deduct child support from the salary of the particular parent. His or her licenses may be cancelled or the court may take the possession of personal property in case of failure to pay the child support as instructed by the court. Dallas County Child Support Office, after taking right from the court, may order the bank to deduct child support from the bank balance. It can also sue that particular parent in the courts if he or she is not supporting child as prescribed in the orders.