The True Cost Of Divorce

The True Cost Of Divorce
It will be really difficult to gauge the true cost of divorce. This is because of the fact that the cost of divorce will vary from one case to the other. The cost actually depends on the circumstances which lead to divorce. However, if you have the right set of expectations and if you are aware of how divorce works, you can actually cut down on some of the expenses related to divorce. A proper knowledge will also help you to identify the pitfalls of the case where higher expense may show up.
Attorney fee: This is the first expense that will show up in any divorce case. In general, each party pays for their own attorney fees. This is the most common method in all US states. However, there may be situations where one partner may demand partial payment of the fees by the other partner because of the divorce itself! The amount or the portion of the attorney fee claimed will depend on the reason behind the situation of divorce and this will be actually decided during the settlement. For example, in case of no fault divorce, each partner will be responsible for paying their own attorney fee. However, if a situation comes where divorce has become essential because one partner verbally and physically abused the other, the person responsible for abusing the other may have to pay a certain portion of the attorney fees for the abused.
Cheaper cases: A divorce may become cheap if during filing for divorce, both the parties mutually agree on a number of terms and conditions. This will not only make the divorce cheaper but it will also make the divorce easier. This generally happens because when both the parties agree on a number of terms and conditions, the need for attorney mediation is not required for a longer period of time. It is because of this reason, almost every state advocates no fault divorce where both the partners can talk and reach a settlement which will help both of them to smoothly go through the divorce case.
Custody expenses: This expense comes out if the two partners have a child or children. In case the parties have children/child, they will have to spend more and more time with their attorneys about figuring out the upkeep of the child/children. As more attorney involvement comes in, the expenses skyrocket. However, it is not necessary that child custody and visitation arrangements will be have to be worked out in the presence of an attorney. The parents can actually talk with each other and reach an agreement where joint custody is most common form of custody. In this case, the attorney fees can be eliminated and thereby the cost of divorce can be reduced significantly.
Property division: As per the divorce laws of US, the partners will have to divide any property and income as well as insurance installments which have been realized jointly by the two. The portion that one must get can either be resolved between the two parents without attorney intervention. This can reduce the cost to some extent. However, if attorney intervention becomes necessary, there will be some cost involved in form of attorney fee.
Irrespective of the amount of cost involved in monetary terms, there will always be some other costs which generally come in form of emotional loss which can actually hamper the lives of the individuals for quite some time. This can also negatively impact the children who are involved in the divorce case because for children, separation from parents can lead to never healing wound which can become an obstacle in their social, mental and personal growth.