Types Of Custody

Types of custody
After the divorce, the important issue that takes place in the life of both parents is the custody of the child. Most states grant the joint custody to the parents in which the both parents have the right to take decisions about the life activities of the child more likely than health education religion etc. by consulting the other parent. However, when the custody is granted to a single parent then the custodian parent has all the rights to take decisions about the life activities of the child.
There are various types of custody, which are being granted by the court to the parents. The three most important types are physical custody, joint custody and sole custody. If you are in any custody dispute, then it is very necessary for you to understand all the types of custody unless you will end up in taking wrong decision regarding your child custody and will regret after some years. Therefore, understanding all the custody types is a must thing for you that how they vary and differ from one another.
Physical custody means that the amount of time child spends physically with the parents. It is usually granted to a single parent, defines as where the child lives eats, and sleeps. In such types of custody, the non-custodial parent has the right to visit their child according to the agreement.
The other type is sole custody. The parent can have either sole physical custody or sole legal custody or sometimes they will end up having both of them. In sole legal custody the custody from the custodian parent is given to the non-custodial parent for a given time period in case of any illness of the custodian one. In sole physical custody, the custody is given to a single parent while the decisions will be mutually taken for the betterment of the child, with the consent of both parents. The non-custodial parent also enjoys the visitation facility granted under the agreement and by the orders of the court.
In joint custody, the child custody will be given to both parents. They both are equally responsible for the child’s care, protection and support. More likely than sole custody, joint custody is also of joint legal and joint physical custody or sometimes of both types granted to parents.
However, the custody decision varies from state to state and case to case according to the living conditions of the individuals. The custody decisions are the crucial and complicated one so far. If there comes a dispute with both parents while they are having the joint custodial authority, then the court will take the decision in the end. In addition, the court has the final authority to take decision about the child’s future.
There is another types of custody which is granted to parents while they have not decided anything after divorce; temporary custody. The family courts often grant the temporary custody to the parents preferably the one who has not moved from the house. In addition, in these types of custody the custodian parent has the responsibility of the care and protection of the child. While the non-custodial parent can come to visit their child, as per the agreement between both parents.
Therefore, these were some types of custody granted to parents. However a little care and compromise at the part of parents will save the life of their child to be spoiled!