What Is Divorce?

What is Divorce?
There are so many queries on what is divorce. Divorce is the process at which a couple decides to terminate and suspend the sanctity of their marriage. The act of implementing what divorce really is a process that is legal. There is also the term which sometimes being mistaken and being referred as similar to what is divorce, which is the term legal separation. Legal separation is somewhat similar to divorce but the difference is that, in a legal separation, the sanctity of marriage is there. The only thing that is being suspended is their marriage unlike in divorce. In divorce, the sanctity of marriage is the mere fact that they want to remove. Without the divorce legal separation is still not enough to be considered and be acknowledged as legal. The same process is involved with legal separation and divorce.
When does exactly divorce happen? When couples are facing some misunderstanding or having a very big problem regarding their relationship as a couple, that is the time that they often opt to deal with the process of divorce. Children are the most affected for the occurrence of this situation.
The custody of the children is a very important matter to deal with if you are planning to have a divorce. This is the instance that you can compare what is divorce with the other cases. The spousal custody varies depending on the length of the marriage of the couple, health, age, the capability to give his/her child the good life and most especially the income that he/she earns a month.
The basic thing that you will do when you plan to a divorce is to present it in front of the court with the help of the lawyers. But there is also one thing that you can do to deal with divorce without the need to go in court. This process is called the divorce mediation.
All of you may think that the presence of divorce is not good, but not knowing it, some of the couples are getting the advantage from it. Divorce has been the reason why some of them are able to free themselves from their abusive husband. You would rather call for a divorce than to continue living and suffer the pain from the hand of your partner.
On the other with some of this advantages that most women feels, there is also the disadvantage that divorce do. The first thing is that they were not able to hold the vows they had made upon marriage. Another thing is that their children are being affected by this. The great impact on children is that they will become rebel and most probably will long for the love of their parents. And also because of divorce many families are being broken.
What is divorce? It is something that you should learn more about before being done. You should consider not just your safety but also the safety of your children. It is not bad to rely on divorce just be sure that everything was thought about to avoid regrets in the end.